The project begins in mid-2010 to acquire different music production software, begin to experience mixing songs and that sort of thing, I started to learn about that kind of music, its subgenres, derivatives, etc..
.... but I have a child in touch with the music, had never interested me much by electronic trends, ....I started mixing things up dense, gray, sometimes trash, ...hardcore sometimes ... but could not find a sound that made me feel identified, in September launched the first EP
entitled "Like love becomes porn" this reflects the trend that had much to start the project, and then started doing tracks of hip hop, electro, chill out, etc. .... and finding the sound I wanted for my songs.
By 2011, I decided to find a unique sound influenced by electro, French, trash and dub-step ... And artists like The Bloody Beetroots, MSTRKRFT, Kavinsky, Boys Noise, Crookers .... this line is the album "i like to play!" (2011) that left me very pleased that I made the Homesick EP (2011), which bears the same name of my Home Studio Production "Homesick", following these my last mixtape production is the "Shadow lines to dancers" (2011), between these various remix productions are also in the net as singles that are not part of any particular job.

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