Lido Pimienta

Música glamurosa dramática y de terror patético//Dramatic and glamorous music of pathetic terror.

Lido Pimienta got her first break in Barranquilla Colombia, at the tender age of 11 - playing and singing in different bands across the north coast of Colombia - from Hardcore, to power metal to Sexteto, Lido morphed like water in between styles for years to come. In 2005 moves to London Ontario Canada and there meets a small group of like minded individuals like Cailen Dye's Exit 2012 and Owen Curnoe(Son of the Artist Greg Curnoe) and starts collaborating with them until she meets Columbus Ohio music wizard Michael Ramey(Golden Death Music) in 2006, they move in together and witnessing the birth of their son, Lido's songs and Michaels music result in a magical album called Color LP, getting important attention by music entities like Los Aterciopleados and Pernett in Colombia, Julieta Venegas in Mexico, Javiera Mena in Chile and Micachu and the Shapes in the U.K to name a few.

Known as "Colombian darling" and "Soundsister" Lido jumps back and forth from electronic music to afro colombian rhythms to out of this world chanting. The critically acclaimed song "Luces" marks the separation with long time partner Ramey and opens the gate to hundreds of collaborations with musicians, dj's, singers, mc's and producers around the world giving life and shape to the new songs she is working on presently for album 2 "La Papessa" - Inspired in a Tarot card reading by Jodorowsky's psychomagic student and fellow musician Ulises Hadjis, "The Popess" or "High Priestess" represents the moment of independence, new born feminism and emancipation this young mother of one experiences now. The ending of a marriage, a separation from one's country, racism, poverty, injustice and the a circus of a government in her native Colombia are all undertones embedded in every note and harmony performed in this album.

La Papessa by Lido Pimienta to be released in 2013 counts with collaborations with Astro and Fakuta(Chile), Ulises Hadjis, Jovenes y Sexys(Venezuela), Andrea Echeverri(Colombia), Chancha Via Circuito(Argenitna), Dj Javier Estrada(Mexico) To name a few.

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